Why Watering Flowers is So Important

It may seem obvious, but watering flowers can be the main cause of whether they stay vibrant and beautiful or wither and die. Of course, there are different flowers that require different amounts of water, different solutions, etc. Plus, if you have flowers already cut in a vase, how often should you change the water? Do you have to re-cut the stems? Wittendale’s Florist has a few tips for your floral success!

Flowers in a Vase

watering flowersThese flowers are already cut, arranged, and ready to go! However, there a few tips that you need to keep in mind to keep them happy and healthy. The first is that you should always cut the stems at angle every three to four days. This will let the flower continue to drink water and get food. Additionally, make sure that you are replacing the water! Do not let murky, dirty water sit with your beautiful flowers. You can bet that you wouldn’t enjoy drinking soiled water, so why would your plant? You can use the packets given to you to keep your flower healthier, but they are not necessarily necessary and you shouldn’t feel pressured to add more every time you replace the water. Flowers do die eventually if cut, and this is expected. Treat them well and they will last as long as they possibly can!

Flowers in a Pot

How much you water flowers in a potted container will vary based on soil type and flower type. It will also vary on how much sun that the flower receives. Is it sitting outside in the sunny and humid weather? Or is it sitting in indirect sunlight on the kitchen counter? Take these things into consideration before watering your plant. Even if you just have this basic common sense knowledge, you make a judgement call on how often that you need to water your flowers.

Basic Guide to Watering

sunflower watering flowersDirect Sunlight, Dry Soil: This plant needs watered today! The soil is dry and it is not getting the nutrients that it needs on such a hot and sunny day. Water the plant as you would regularly for this plant type. Do not overwater.

Indirect Sunlight, Partially Dry Soil: This plant might need watered. When was the last time it was watered? If it was recently, the soil underneath may still be retaining water. It’s also in indirect sunlight, so it isn’t drying up as fast. Follow your normal watering procedure for this plant, and water again if it starts to look dry.

Rainy, Wet Soil: This plant does not need watered. The rain just did it for you! However, keep in mind that you need to keep your flowers from being overwatered. Bring it inside if there is daily downpours that are killing the flowers.

What else is important for your flowers?

Your flowers need just a few things to survive and thrive, but they need them in varying quantities depending on their specific needs and what the climate is like. What are these things?


It’s your job to maintain these things to make sure that your flowers are beautiful and healthy for the whole time you enjoy them.

Wittendale’s Florist Can Help You with Watering Needs

If you’re not sure when you need to water your flowers or change the water for your arrangement, we will happily give you advice! If you have a garden of your own, we’re also happy to give you tips on what we do to keep our flowers healthy and nice. Give us a call today and we can advise you on what to do.