Tips For Watering Containers & Hanging Baskets

Planters and hanging baskets are a great addition to your garden or home, but they need special considerations. This is especially true when watering because of their enclosed nature. Before you start planting, look over these tips. They will help you make sure that your plants are healthy and happy in their planters. 

watering tipsDrain Holes

Something to consider when you use a hanging basket or a planter is to make sure that you check for drain holes. This is because buildup of water in a planter will cause your plants to decline and roots to rot. Obviously, this is unwanted and why you should always make sure that your planters and baskets them.

What is the right space to create holes in your planter or basket? First, make sure that the holes you drill into a planter are not placed directly against a hard surface the water then can’t drain out of. An example of this would be drilling holes in the bottom of a planter and then placing it against the cement. Holes should be 1 inch from the edge of the planter. Do not put the holes too close together. This is for a few reasons, one of which is the integrity of the planter and the other is that all of the water will run out in one place and cause problems with the soil and flowers or plants.

Water, Water, Water

watering tips

While you should never drown your plants, you should always check to make sure that they’re getting the water that they need. This is especially true in summer months when the soil can quickly dry out and cause lots of problems–up to and including killing your plants and flowers. Always check to see if your containers need water. Sometimes plants can wilt due to hot sun, excessive moisture and may not need more water. You can check the soil moisture in your containers using your finger if you are unsure whether your plant needs water.

When is the best time to water in the summer or in hot climates? In these times of year or in these climates, you should water in the morning when it’s still cool and wet. This gives your flowers and plants time to absorb the water before the sun beats down on the plants and dries it up and causes them to go thirsty and hungry. We’ve all seen it–you forget, water midday, and your soil seems to immediately be dry again. Think of what your flowers are getting from this–not much. Always water in the morning in hot temperatures. Additionally, give the plants enough water that the water runs out through the drain holes. This way the entire root system has received a good, thorough soaking. However, resist the urge to “water everything,” especially if your plants don’t need it.

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