Paperwhite Narcissus Care

paperwhite narcissus carePaperwhite Narcissus flowers are an easy to take care of and beautiful flower that will bring beautiful blooms to your garden. While their beautiful blooms only last a few weeks, they are a great starter for a new gardener to see results and not have to wait long. If you’re looking for a longer flowering period, keep the plants in a cool locations–60 degrees or cooler. The Paperwhite Narcissus is also a gorgeous flower that deserves a spot in your garden. They each take about two to four weeks to bloom, and after bloom they usually will not re-flower. You may discard the plant after blooming is done.

Container & Location

There are a few options for planting your Paperwhite Narcissus flowers. You can either go for planting them in soil or planting them in rocks/pebbles. Either way, you will have wonderful blooms for a few weeks. In the case of planting in soil, make sure the soil is moist and plant the Paperwhite Narcissus bulbs, place bulbs in the soil with the pointy end up, cover with soil to their tips uncovered. Keep soil moist and in sunlight, making sure to turn so they do not lean towards the light. Part sun is best to open tight buds. Once the flowers are fully open, bright indirect light is best.

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If you’re looking to “plant” your Paperwhite Narcissus with stones, then all you will need is a shallow planter or container, and some soil and stones. Mix these together to support your Paperwhite Narcissus. You’re not looking to give the flower nutrients as much as to keep it supported and upright, as it does have such a short flowering period. As mentioned, for a longer flowering period, keep your Paperwhite Narcissus flowers in cool locations–60 degrees and lower, not to go below freezing.

Great to Give as Gifts!

The Paperwhite Narcissus is great to give as a gift because it’s not an obligation on the receiver with its short life. Plus, when you choose to pot your Paperwhite Narcissus, you can find a beautiful vase, shallow bowl, or other item to contain the flower. There’s no worry with it outgrowing the pot, and the biggest concern you face is supporting the flower and bulb and making sure that it stays upright. Pick a container that can hold a small amount of water, soil, and stones without being overweight and then decorate as you wish before gifting to a friend.

If you’re looking for help, Wittendale’s Florist can work with you to create the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or coworker. You can also choose from our current selection as well. If you have more questions about Paperwhite Narcissus care, feel free to give us a call and we can help with your questions.