Montauk Daisy Care

montauk daisy careEarly Fall

You should plant in an area with half a day of sunlight or more. The soil should be well draining and should be kept moist but not wet.

Late Fall

After the plant has finished flowering, cut off old blooms. In a few weeks cut foliage back to three inches above soil level. This will be at the end of the growing season. You may start to see next year’s growth at the base of the plant. It will then go dormant for the winter.

Next Spring

Your Montauk daisy will grow vigorously during May and June. During this time you should feed your plant an all purpose fertilizer such as Plant-Tone or 5-10-5. When it is ten or twelve inches in height cut it back to six inches or so. This will promote branching, which will make for a fuller plant. You can pinch back the growing tips in early July to encourage additional branching. Not cutting back will make a tall, wide-open plant. Cutting back the plant takes little effort and is well worth the time.

Late Summer

You will see small flower buds developing. By mid to late September your Montauk Daisy will be blooming again.