Halloween Floral Arrangements

fall floral arrangements

When you think of Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is costumes, candy, or pumpkin. However, floral arrangements and accents have a place in the Halloween atmosphere. Halloween floral arrangements are great for parties, to set on your porch, and to accent your home. We discuss the best display options for Halloween floral arrangements.

Centerpieces and Table Decorations

Centerpieces and table decorations are one of the easiest ways to incorporate Halloween floral arrangements into your. These are classic, easy to put together, and look fantastic and inviting for guests. Also, remember to consider how people use the table and who will be seated at it. At a drinks table, you can use tall spindly branches and dried out flowers. This creates a spooky look. However, at the dinner table, it is better to use shorter, fuller floral arrangements. These allow guests to have conversation without craning their necks. A short glass cube full of deep red roses and also covered in spiderwebs could be a creepy addition to your dinner table.


Party Decor

Halloween floral arrangements are also wonderful additions to a spooky costume party or theme party. Imagine a graveyard in the front yard of the home and walking inside to see antique urns filled with flowers of dark hues, like some dahlias. Perhaps some are dried out, some have spiders “crawling” on them, and some also have cobwebs. This sets the mood of the party the moment that you walk in the front door. Halloween floral arrangements have the ability to turn your party from a cheesy party store event to a fully-formed and spooky occasion.

Porch and Home Accents

Whether you have a Halloween party or not, Halloween floral arrangements really set the mood of the season. A simple fall arrangement can work well for Halloween or Thanksgiving. While most will not last that long, if you have a certain color scheme you’d like to keep throughout the autumnal season then this is your chance. Chrysanthemums, daisies, orange ranunculus, and white hydrangea are all wonderful Halloween and fall flowers. Pick the colors which best suite your style and home. Try a variety of holders from rustic pitchers to vases to pumpkins/gourds to baskets. The sky (and your imagination) is the limit.

Wittendale’s Florist is Your Halloween Floral Arrangement Destination

When you find yourself looking for a beautiful Halloween floral arrangement this season, think of Wittendale’s Florist. Contact us today for more information about what we have available. We create custom and premade floral arrangements, and we work with you to find the right fit for your special occasion, gathering, or party.