Flower Arranging Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

Flower arranging may seem like an art of the past, of days gone by where hostesses carefully put together centerpieces for their tables, but it still has great use today. If you have a garden and want to arrange flowers for centerpieces, gifts for family, or other purposes, floral arranging is a must! We’d like to give you a few basics to get you started.

How to Cut Flowers

flower arrangingThis is the most important step in flower arranging as it will be the difference between a vibrant, long-lasting arrangement and a dull, dead arrangement. All flower stems should be cut. Whether they’ve already been cut in the store, whether you want to or not, they need cut! But how do you do it safely and with the least damage to the stem? Let’s find out!

1. Take the time to set everything out and get your arrangement container (vase, bowl, etc.) ready to use with water, you have a sharp knife, and your flowers. This is a quick process, and you will do this just to get your flowers in the vase. Afterwards, you can arrange them how you’d like.

2. Make sure you are using a very sharp knife or scissors to cut, otherwise you will end up smashing the stem instead of cutting it. It’s very important that the stem has as much surface area as possible to drink from.

3. Cut the stem at an angle, not too much. Immediately place the stem in the water because it will seal very quickly. Do not wait! You will have to re-cut. Replicate this process with every single flower until you have all in the vase. Repeat the process in a few days to make sure the flowers are getting the maximum water they need to thrive. Now, you can begin the process of arranging.

Weighting & Foam Tips

Add the biggest, heaviest flowers first. They will lay down on the vase, and will not crush the smaller flowers that you lay on top. Then, place smaller and softer flowers on top of that. Leave space in between the stems, and you can also hold the flowers in a specific place with foam. Foam can be easily hidden behind large blooms.

Switch it Up

assorted greeneryAdd lots of different flowers! Different shapes, sizes, and colors will make the arrangement varied. However, if you’re going for a certain color scheme, pick flowers with hues within that shade. Or choose complementing colors (across the color wheel). We can advise you on which colors of flower types will complement each other in an arrangement.


Make sure that your flowers don’t look short and squat! You want them to waterfall up and out so that they are much taller than their container size. This is more visually appealing, and it will lead the eye upward so that your whole tablescape appears grander. In certain circumstances, like with round blooms in a round bouquet, it’s all right to have it more short and squat, but in most cases you want a spray of flowers. Make sure to keep in mind how large your arrangements are as well because you don’t want to be craning around the giant centerpiece just to talk to your friend.

Have fun and get creative!

Don’t let flower arranging become a chore! It can be a relaxing and great outlet for your creativity that also lets your parties and dinners look amazing. Don’t let this art fall away to the past. However, if you’ve tried it and it’s just not your thing, no worries! Wittendale’s Florist has you covered with beautiful arrangements for every occasion. Contact us to find out more about our options.