Floral Mistakes to Avoid at Your Wedding

When you’re starting to plan for a wedding, you are likely considering floral arrangements. Many people don’t have anyone to help them plan for a wedding who has done it before, and they may be making some common floral mistakes. These floral mistakes could be costing you extra money, time, and frustration as your wedding gets closer. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of these mistakes and what to do instead.

white roses bouquetToo Many or Too Little Floral Arrangements

There are usually two directions that a wedding can be taken: going all out because it will happen once, or trying to stay within a budget. These will both lead to great weddings, but they can also lead to mistakes. When couples decide to go all out on their wedding, they may try to fill every available space with flowers. This may not be practical and it might not make sense for the venue or your wedding or reception. When the room begins to fill up, flowers in the corners will disappear, and flowers in the center with the dance floor, around the area where you’ll be having vows, or that were in the bouquet will stand out the most at your wedding. This applies in the opposite direction if you’re trying to stay on a budget. Instead of going with no flowers, you may find that some flowers soften up the area and will make a big impact where you do put them.

Not Being Flexible With Flowers or Design

Another big floral mistake is not being flexible with your flowers or your design. When you’re not flexible with the flowers that you’d like for your wedding, you might not consider that they aren’t quite in season or that they might just not be available in their best form at the time of your wedding. When there’s some flexibility with your flowers, your florist will have greater flexibility to give you truly beautiful floral arrangements for your wedding and save you the frustration and time wasted. Additionally, when couples find clippings from bridal magazines or images on pinterest that they want to recreate, it can be difficult to do it exactly as in the picture. This can be due to flowers available, colors, and many other impediments. Think of the pinterest and magazine ideas as inspiration instead of the exact floral arrangement you need for your wedding.

Exquisite ShadesStarting Early and Communicating

One last floral mistake that couples make when wedding planning is not starting early enough when planning their floral arrangements.You should research and choose your top florists and then contact them early to ask about their availability at the date that you have chosen for your wedding, if they deliver to that location, and other pertinent questions. Have your colors, venue, and other items picked out before you meet with florists. Once you have chosen a florist, continue to communicate with them when they ask for approval or have other questions. In return, you can also communicate your questions or concerns.

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