Fall Floral Arrangements 2018

Now that fall is finally here, it’s time to start decorating with fall floral arrangements for 2018. Whether floral wreaths or floral accents, decorating your home for the fall season is essential to truly getting into the spirit. Floral arrangements for Thanksgiving and the fall season are always a beautiful touch. In this article, we give you a few tips on how to make the most of your materials and get your house ready for guests and company.

fall floral arrangements

Don’t Be Afraid of Texture

Whether you’re looking to buy arrangements or create your own, don’t be afraid of texture in the fall. Your arrangements never need to be all floral! Try berries, leaves, branches, and accents to give your arrangements interesting texture and depth. This brings a whole new feeling and whole new warmth to the room. Don’t stick to one or two types of flowers and put them in a vase. Choose something interesting for your home that spices up your next gathering.

Tell a Story with Your Fall Floral Arrangements

When selecting from a floral shop like Wittendale’s Florist, you may choose the colors that go best with your home or the season and move on. However, the best floral arrangements that we see are those that evoke a feeling or enhance the the gathering. Think of a fall floral arrangement with berries, leaves, understated reds, and dried gourds. This arrangement brings the feeling of walks through the forest on a fall afternoon or a family gathering years past.

fall floral arrangementsOther ways to enhance your entire gathering with a floral arrangement are to consider the height, width, and placement of floral arrangements to correspond with the area’s purpose. Tall flowers are placed on a drinks table, but shorter arrangements are used for conversation at the dinner table.

Incorporate Harvest Vegetables

When you’re creating a fall floral arrangement for your buffet table or your dining table, try working with harvest vegetables. These veggies give a distinct weight and earthiness to the quality of your arrangement. Floral pieces can be placed throughout, but the whole arrangement will be low to the table and spread out lengthwise in either direction. Harvest vegetables are great because they stay looking beautiful for quite a long time. Just make sure to replace them when they begin to go bad.

Wittendale’s Florist is Your Fall Floral Arrangements Specialist

If you’re looking for a fall floral arrangement for your home, look no further than Wittendale’s Florist. We will work with you to find the perfect arrangement for your home, gathering, or event. We know how important each arrangement can be, and we take pride in our careful work. Contact us today for more information!