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Winter Wedding Floral Inspiration

This fall, many of us are getting the finishing touches on our winter weddings. Something you might be waiting on are the floral arrangements. Many flowers are not in season they you may wish to have at your wedding, so it’s important to pick from those that will be the freshest, most beautiful additions to your winter wedding floral arrangements. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.


winter wedding floralOne of the first things a couple usually decides on are the colors for their wedding. The colors may be based on personal style, the changing seasons, or some other reason. In many cases, couples will choose whites for the winter season because they look so nice next to snowy branches and frosted over windows. However, sometimes white will look a little bare because of all of the similar colors. To warm up your wintry wedding, try shades of ivory and light peach and antiqued finishes. These will give your wedding a softer feel and let you stand out from your surroundings. They’re also perfect for winter wedding floral arrangements because there are so many flowers which will work perfectly with these colors, like white roses, lilies, paperwhite narcissus, and more.

Size of Bouquet

No longer is the bouquet a small addition to the bride’s overall outfit. It can be the centerpiece of the whole look when done properly. Small bouquets with delicate flowers are great for smaller weddings with just friends and family. They show that you want to keep it simple, but beautiful. They can also work well with dresses with delicate beading or lacework because they do not detract from that.

If you’re looking for a big, blooming bouquet then it’s important to have a more simple dress with clean lines and understated colors. The bigger bouquet is the centerpiece in that option, and the dress may be beautiful but it is complementing the floral arrangement. For a big bouquet in the winter season, go for dark green leaves and greenery spilling out the sides of your bouquet. This gives the look of a bigger bouquet while still being manageable to carry. Plus, dark green is a great color with ivories and creams, and will look amazing for your winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Floral Centerpieces for Tables at Reception

winter wedding floralWhen the wedding is over, all of your guests will head to the reception. While many brides choose not have a lavishly decorated reception, many take this opportunity to decorate each table with centerpieces and other floral arrangements for their guests. Some even allow guests to take home centerpieces. In these cases, it’s important to choose something that will not only remind guests of the good time that they had, but not die immediately after being taken home. A good thought to keep in mind for wedding centerpieces is that guests may wish to talk across the table. Try to keep the centerpieces tall and skinny or short and squat. In either of these cases, it makes it easier for the guests to talk with each other and not feel cut off by large, floral centerpieces that make it hard to see. Another idea for a fun and interesting choice for winter wedding table settings could be mini succulents. Each succulent in a pot with the guests name and table number could be a great parting gift.

Get Your Winter Wedding Floral Inspiration at Wittendale’s Florist

If your wedding is coming up this winter, give Wittendale’s a call! We can help you brainstorm on which flowers would work best for your wedding, and we will work with you to make sure they are delivered to the right place and on time. We take pride in our work and we want to make sure that you get the best service possible. If you have any questions or would like to get started, please give us a call!

Why Watering Flowers is So Important

It may seem obvious, but watering flowers can be the main cause of whether they stay vibrant and beautiful or wither and die. Of course, there are different flowers that require different amounts of water, different solutions, etc. Plus, if you have flowers already cut in a vase, how often should you change the water? Do you have to re-cut the stems? Wittendale’s Florist has a few tips for your floral success!

Flowers in a Vase

watering flowersThese flowers are already cut, arranged, and ready to go! However, there a few tips that you need to keep in mind to keep them happy and healthy. The first is that you should always cut the stems at angle every three to four days. This will let the flower continue to drink water and get food. Additionally, make sure that you are replacing the water! Do not let murky, dirty water sit with your beautiful flowers. You can bet that you wouldn’t enjoy drinking soiled water, so why would your plant? You can use the packets given to you to keep your flower healthier, but they are not necessarily necessary and you shouldn’t feel pressured to add more every time you replace the water. Flowers do die eventually if cut, and this is expected. Treat them well and they will last as long as they possibly can!

Flowers in a Pot

How much you water flowers in a potted container will vary based on soil type and flower type. It will also vary on how much sun that the flower receives. Is it sitting outside in the sunny and humid weather? Or is it sitting in indirect sunlight on the kitchen counter? Take these things into consideration before watering your plant. Even if you just have this basic common sense knowledge, you make a judgement call on how often that you need to water your flowers.

Basic Guide to Watering

sunflower watering flowersDirect Sunlight, Dry Soil: This plant needs watered today! The soil is dry and it is not getting the nutrients that it needs on such a hot and sunny day. Water the plant as you would regularly for this plant type. Do not overwater.

Indirect Sunlight, Partially Dry Soil: This plant might need watered. When was the last time it was watered? If it was recently, the soil underneath may still be retaining water. It’s also in indirect sunlight, so it isn’t drying up as fast. Follow your normal watering procedure for this plant, and water again if it starts to look dry.

Rainy, Wet Soil: This plant does not need watered. The rain just did it for you! However, keep in mind that you need to keep your flowers from being overwatered. Bring it inside if there is daily downpours that are killing the flowers.

What else is important for your flowers?

Your flowers need just a few things to survive and thrive, but they need them in varying quantities depending on their specific needs and what the climate is like. What are these things?


It’s your job to maintain these things to make sure that your flowers are beautiful and healthy for the whole time you enjoy them.

Wittendale’s Florist Can Help You with Watering Needs

If you’re not sure when you need to water your flowers or change the water for your arrangement, we will happily give you advice! If you have a garden of your own, we’re also happy to give you tips on what we do to keep our flowers healthy and nice. Give us a call today and we can advise you on what to do. 

Flower Arranging Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

Flower arranging may seem like an art of the past, of days gone by where hostesses carefully put together centerpieces for their tables, but it still has great use today. If you have a garden and want to arrange flowers for centerpieces, gifts for family, or other purposes, floral arranging is a must! We’d like to give you a few basics to get you started.

How to Cut Flowers

flower arrangingThis is the most important step in flower arranging as it will be the difference between a vibrant, long-lasting arrangement and a dull, dead arrangement. All flower stems should be cut. Whether they’ve already been cut in the store, whether you want to or not, they need cut! But how do you do it safely and with the least damage to the stem? Let’s find out!

1. Take the time to set everything out and get your arrangement container (vase, bowl, etc.) ready to use with water, you have a sharp knife, and your flowers. This is a quick process, and you will do this just to get your flowers in the vase. Afterwards, you can arrange them how you’d like.

2. Make sure you are using a very sharp knife or scissors to cut, otherwise you will end up smashing the stem instead of cutting it. It’s very important that the stem has as much surface area as possible to drink from.

3. Cut the stem at an angle, not too much. Immediately place the stem in the water because it will seal very quickly. Do not wait! You will have to re-cut. Replicate this process with every single flower until you have all in the vase. Repeat the process in a few days to make sure the flowers are getting the maximum water they need to thrive. Now, you can begin the process of arranging.

Weighting & Foam Tips

Add the biggest, heaviest flowers first. They will lay down on the vase, and will not crush the smaller flowers that you lay on top. Then, place smaller and softer flowers on top of that. Leave space in between the stems, and you can also hold the flowers in a specific place with foam. Foam can be easily hidden behind large blooms.

Switch it Up

assorted greeneryAdd lots of different flowers! Different shapes, sizes, and colors will make the arrangement varied. However, if you’re going for a certain color scheme, pick flowers with hues within that shade. Or choose complementing colors (across the color wheel). We can advise you on which colors of flower types will complement each other in an arrangement.


Make sure that your flowers don’t look short and squat! You want them to waterfall up and out so that they are much taller than their container size. This is more visually appealing, and it will lead the eye upward so that your whole tablescape appears grander. In certain circumstances, like with round blooms in a round bouquet, it’s all right to have it more short and squat, but in most cases you want a spray of flowers. Make sure to keep in mind how large your arrangements are as well because you don’t want to be craning around the giant centerpiece just to talk to your friend.

Have fun and get creative!

Don’t let flower arranging become a chore! It can be a relaxing and great outlet for your creativity that also lets your parties and dinners look amazing. Don’t let this art fall away to the past. However, if you’ve tried it and it’s just not your thing, no worries! Wittendale’s Florist has you covered with beautiful arrangements for every occasion. Contact us to find out more about our options.

Floral Arrangements for Summer 2018 Parties

Are you looking for a way to make your summer parties stand out from the crowd? Be the envy of your family and friends with a classic, elegant touch. Wittendale’s Florist can help you achieve that with floral arrangements for summer 2018. Let us help you find the feeling of your party. 

Classic, Light Summery Affair

WHITE GARDENSpring and summer is for flowers. Most people think of bright, light flowers arranged beautifully in the garden area. Whether you live in a regal mansion or a humble cottage, we help you find the perfect flowers. The colors of your home matter when searching for a light, summery look. If your home is painted in shades of red, it’s better to pick a complementing color rather than the same color (i.e. roses).

Beautiful flowers to consider for a classic, light summer affair might be lovely pink or white peonies and lilac sprigs tucked between. These are great complements, and they are both classic flowers that most everyone knows and appreciates. Lilies and grasses are a favorite for a more sophisticated look that fits with any party. Be sure to keep feline friends away from the plants, as they can be toxic to them. These arrangements are suitable for a baby or bridal shower, lunch with friends, or a dinner on the beach.

Bright, Sunny, and Fun Arrangements

citrus floral arrangementIf you’re looking for a pop of color with your floral arrangements, bright, bold hues with dark green leaves and grasses tucked in between are your best option. Our Classic Charm arrangement is the perfect fit for this. Sunflowers,clematis,queen annes lace,mini green hydrangea, green hypericum,and bordered by lavender roses. This is a beautiful summery arrangement that is a classic while still having bright colors.

Another choice for a bright, sunny arrangement might be that of our Citrus arrangement. This bright colorful arrangement is unique green ranunculus, lavender freesia, mini orange spray roses, lavender hyacinth and sprigs of lemon leaf. This arrangement is complemented by our Gerbera Brights arrangement of hot pink and red gerberas mixed with miniature gerberas in orange, hot pink and yellow. Salal and seeded eucalyptus add a touch of green. Both of these arrangements are perfect for a colorful get together like a birthday party, housewarming party, or brunch with friends.

Custom Arrangements

hanging flower basketsCustom floral design is the best way to get exactly what you’re looking for! We work with you and hear your ideas on what you want to see for your custom arrangement. We recommend which flowers are best for the season and help you with flower meanings. It’s also important to work with complementing colors and matching the theme of your home and gathering.

Summer is the time for weddings, and custom arrangements are perfect for your wedding. Choose the right colors, flowers, and arrangements to match your wedding and we’ll get it ready for you. Weddings are a great time for flowers, and summer weddings have beautiful flowers in bouquets, on tables, next to the aisles, and even on an arch above or around the couple during the ceremony.

Contact Wittendale’s Florist for beautiful floral arrangements for summer 2018 parties. We help you choose what’s best for your party, and deliver it to you in no time. Give us a call today and get started getting the floral arrangements of your dreams.

How to Choose Floral Wedding Arrangements

Are you looking for floral wedding arrangements, but you’re not sure exactly what you want? We all love to look at a beautiful arrangement, but sometimes we don’t know what’s the best flower for our event or what looks nice together. There are a few things to consider when choosing floral wedding arrangements, and these include color, flower meaning and type, and scent.


white roses bouquetColor is probably the first thing that you think of when deciding on which flower to choose for wedding arrangements. You may have theme colors for your wedding, or you may just like a certain color for the event and want the floral arrangements to match. Whatever the reason, color is most likely on your mind with floral arrangements.

The first thing to consider with color is whether the color complements the room and the event. If you’re looking for a sophisticated aura, you may want to go for lighter or more subtle flower colors (like pink roses or lavender) instead of bright and bold colors (like in sunflowers). If you’re looking to have a more whimsical vibe, you may choose to do the opposite! The colors that you choose will depend on your own style and how you want to incorporate that into your event.

Flower Meaning and Type

Another point to consider when choosing flowers is their meaning and type. The type of flower can be important because of the shape or how it fits in with other flowers in the arrangement. Wittendale’s Florist and Greenhouses, Inc. can advise you on which flowers will do well together and which may be better be left alone.

The flower meaning can convey feelings. In Victorian times, the flower you gave to someone meant something specific. For example, a red rose is a sign of passionate love, but lilies are commonly associated with funerals and may not be a first choice for a wedding. It’s important to consider the meaning of flowers to express yourself for your wedding through beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets.

Exquisite Shades


If you don’t like the scent of the floral wedding arrangements, you’re not going to enjoy the wedding or the reception where they are in abundance. Before choosing a floral arrangement with a new flower you’ve never smelled, take a visit to the greenhouse and make sure you like the scent. It will be a very long day if you’ve got a headache from the hyacinth by 2 pm.

At Wittendale’s Florist and Greenhouses, Inc., we can help you find the perfect floral wedding arrangements. We will work with you to get a sense of your style, preferences, and feelings to create a truly unique and wonderful arrangement for your wedding. Additionally, we have styles already designed that you can choose from. Whatever you do choose, give us a call today to chat about your options!