Bring Positivity to January with Floral Arrangements

With the holidays all but done, and January already a week in, it may be starting to feel wintry and blue around your home or workplace. Many people like to decorate during the holidays and when it all comes down, it leaves your space looking empty and without cheer. While flowers may be the perfect gift during the holidays, it can also be the perfect gift to a friend, coworker, or even yourself when January hits. Bring a little positivity into the office or your home with a bright and cheery floral arrangement. Not all flowers will die in cold weather, and this is especially true when you are keeping them inside.

Victorian SpringReplace Decorations with Floral Arrangements

Instead of the harsh transition from a home or workplace full of decorations to a bare and blank space, treat yourself or your office to floral arrangements which will make the transition easier. Choose a cool and subdued floral arrangement for an understated look, or choose bright and cheery to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Not only will the flowers become a “decoration” in the room, but they will also give you something to take care of and see thriving even in the cold and harsh weather.

Keep Them Alive Longer

One of the most important things you can do is to always cut your flower stems–whether from the store or the garden. This is a quick process, and you will do this just to get your flowers in the vase. Afterwards, you can arrange them how you’d like. Make sure you are using a very sharp knife or scissors to cut, otherwise you will end up smashing the stem instead of cutting. Cut the stem at an angle, not too much. Immediately place the stem in the water because it will seal very quickly. Do not wait! You will have to re-cut. Replicate this process with every single flower. Repeat the process in a few days to make sure the flowers are getting the maximum water they need to thrive. Additionally, make sure you are changing water and that your flowers are getting the sunlight they need.

WARM TONESMake Someone’s Day

When you surprise a friend, coworker, or even yourself with a floral arrangement, you are bringing a smile to their face in what can be a very depressing time of year. You don’t have to pick the biggest, most expensive item in the shop to make them smile, but make sure to pick something that you think that they will appreciate. Think about the things they enjoy. Do you know your coworker loves the color yellow? Does your mom enjoy the smell of lavender? Try to think about these things, and then choose or create the perfect arrangement for them. The fact that you thought about the little details really shows you care.

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At Wittendale’s Florist, we can help you choose the best floral arrangement with your needs and your budget in mind. We have many beautiful arrangements to choose from, and we can help you create a custom arrangement as well. Contact us today or stop in for a visit to our shop!