Floral Mistakes to Avoid at Your Wedding

When you’re starting to plan for a wedding, you are likely considering floral arrangements. Many people don’t have anyone to help them plan for a wedding who has done it before, and they may be making some common floral mistakes. These floral mistakes could be costing you extra money, time, and frustration as your wedding […]

Bring Positivity to January with Floral Arrangements

With the holidays all but done, and January already a week in, it may be starting to feel wintry and blue around your home or workplace. Many people like to decorate during the holidays and when it all comes down, it leaves your space looking empty and without cheer. While flowers may be the perfect […]

Halloween Floral Arrangements

When you think of Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is costumes, candy, or pumpkin. However, floral arrangements and accents have a place in the Halloween atmosphere. Halloween floral arrangements are great for parties, to set on your porch, and to accent your home. We discuss the best display options for Halloween floral […]

Fall Floral Arrangements 2018

Now that fall is finally here, it’s time to start decorating with fall floral arrangements for 2018. Whether floral wreaths or floral accents, decorating your home for the fall season is essential to truly getting into the spirit. Floral arrangements for Thanksgiving and the fall season are always a beautiful touch. In this article, we […]

Winter Wedding Floral Inspiration

This fall, many of us are getting the finishing touches on our winter weddings. Something you might be waiting on are the floral arrangements. Many flowers are not in season they you may wish to have at your wedding, so it’s important to pick from those that will be the freshest, most beautiful additions to […]

Why Watering Flowers is So Important

It may seem obvious, but watering flowers can be the main cause of whether they stay vibrant and beautiful or wither and die. Of course, there are different flowers that require different amounts of water, different solutions, etc. Plus, if you have flowers already cut in a vase, how often should you change the water? […]

Flower Arranging Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

Flower arranging may seem like an art of the past, of days gone by where hostesses carefully put together centerpieces for their tables, but it still has great use today. If you have a garden and want to arrange flowers for centerpieces, gifts for family, or other purposes, floral arranging is a must! We’d like […]

Floral Arrangements for Summer 2018 Parties

Are you looking for a way to make your summer parties stand out from the crowd? Be the envy of your family and friends with a classic, elegant touch. Wittendale’s Florist can help you achieve that with floral arrangements for summer 2018. Let us help you find the feeling of your party.  Classic, Light Summery […]

How to Choose Floral Wedding Arrangements

Are you looking for floral wedding arrangements, but you’re not sure exactly what you want? We all love to look at a beautiful arrangement, but sometimes we don’t know what’s the best flower for our event or what looks nice together. There are a few things to consider when choosing floral wedding arrangements, and these […]