Care for Annuals

Annuals are some of the most common flowers planted. They show long-lasting diversity, color, and beauty. They’re great to have for a season and let die. However, they can also be brought inside and continue to flourish all year long (in the right conditions). If you go to a big box store, you may only find a few varieties of Annuals. When you go to a florist, you find many different beautiful and unique varieties that will jazz up your garden.

canna lily care annuals careContainers/Potting of Plants

You may plant Annuals in many different kinds of containers. Certainly, you are not obligated to leave them in your flower bed for the foreseeable future! You may plant them in window boxes, in planters, beside sidewalks, in hanging planters, and many other applications. Annuals are fairly versatile. As long as they get enough light and are watered enough to keep them healthy and happy they are fine. In the winter, take your Annuals inside and treat them to a nice planter by a window with plenty of light. Don’t let it get too cold.

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Design Options

Annuals are a very diversified and beautiful bunch, and they can be colorful and easy to use for design purposes. Don’t feel you need to stick with geraniums and marigolds. Go wild with exotic and colorful Annuals which you won’t always find at the big box store. Some different types of unique Annuals could be verbena, petunias, dahlias, or cannas.

Annuals are unique for design purposes. This is because they are so colorful, easy to change, and lower to the ground. Thus, they are used to fill in spaces. A common way to plant Annuals is along sidewalks or around light poles in the front or back yard. If you have a garden, you may plant in designs with complementary colors. This gives a beautiful effect and can be changed year after year.

annuals careHealth of Your Annuals

Annuals are a relatively easy flower to keep alive, but they do need care and attention to really thrive. This is especially true in the summer months. Here are some tips to keep your Annuals healthy and happy.

Fertilize your Annuals throughout the summer to encourage vigorous growth and flowering. Once or twice a month should be sufficient for this purpose. Additionally, make sure that plants are watered prior to applying a liquid fertilizer to prevent burning.

As we get later in the season, pinch back leggy impatiens to encourage bushier growth. And as a reminder, keep an eye out for insect problems. The earlier you discover these little pests, the easier they are to treat. Always remember to remove spent flowers to encourage new blooms. Lastly, keep the garden clean by removing dead or diseased plants.

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