Single or Double Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids

A petite plant with smaller flowers and foliage perfect for desktops and nightstands. These mini orchids arrive in a decorative container. "Standard Price" is a Single Stem "Deluxe"is a double stem.

Approximately Approximately 15-20" tall and 5" in width..

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This floor-sized plant with its shiny dark green leaves produces striking white lily-like flowers all year. Perfect for home or office. One Spathiphyllum plant arrives in a decorative wicker basket.

Approximately Approximately 20" W x 35" H..

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White Garden

Dieffenbachia, fern, ivy and spathiphyllum arrive in a simple round dish. Teleflora images used with permission.

Approximately Approximately 13" W x 15" H..

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